Case study


Customer business sector: Rubber converter

Automatic cross cutting machine for rubber



Our customer is a rubber converter specialising in three key areas: rubber injection moulding, rubber profile extrusion (single- or dual-material) and the processing of recycled rubber.


One of the major challenges facing our customer is the quality of the material, recycled rubber (recycled tyres). This material is frequently found to have impurities and inhomogeneities, which can complicate the transformation process.


Our customer specialises in the manufacture of wedges (80 x 80 mm) and rubber slabs, up to 1×1 m in size. Until now, these parts were cut manually on a press, a method that required considerable time and frequent handling on the part of the operators. The process involved pulling the material under the press, cutting it and removing the cut parts, a time-consuming operation.


The customer’s main objective was to implement an automated cutting process that could handle both longitudinal and transverse cutting of the rubber raw material. This solution must be able to produce the finished parts directly on a conveyor belt, eliminating the need for intensive manual handling. In addition, the automated machine should be versatile and capable of performing roll slitting operations when the customer is selling the material to length.


To meet our customer’s needs, we opted for the Prolam solution. This solution integrates several key components to ensure an efficient and versatile automated cutting process.

Unwinder with Dancing Roll and Brake Motor

The input of our solution is a motorised unwinder equipped with a brake motor. This configuration prevents uncontrolled unwinding of the rubber roll during a stop due to light curtains or when the machine is not powered up.

Calender with Dual Motorisation

We have integrated a standard Prolam calender equipped with dual motorisation. This calender provides a precise and constant feed of material, ensuring optimum cutting quality.

Lower Adhesive Unwinder

For adhesive application, an unwinder is positioned below the calender. It is controlled by a torque control system, guaranteeing uniform and reliable application.

CNM Longitudinal and Transversal Cutting

The material is cut in two stages: longitudinal and transversal. CNM blades are used to ensure precise, clean cutting, meeting our customer’s high quality standards.

Removable tablet

To enable the machine to be loaded by a single person, we have added a removable tablet between the unwinder and the calender. This tablet includes three rollers that lift up to support the material during loading.

Removable motorised conveyor

At the exit of the machine, a removable motorised conveyor is installed on four swivel castors. This conveyor is fitted with a Harting-type plug for easy connection when the machine is in format mode.

Outfeed Rewinder in Roll Mode

Finally, in roll mode, an output rewinder is provided for easy handling of finished parts.


This global solution not only offers complete automation of the process, but also enhances the machine’s safety and versatility. The cutting results are excellent, enabling our customer to meet demand efficiently and cost-effectively.