Case study

Textile unwinder ProWinder P/V

Customer business sector: Leather goods

Unwinding and automatic realignment of fragile textile


The customer, in the luxury goods industry, was faced with a major challenge: handling an extremely fragile textile that tolerated little tension. The constraints of this textile made it tricky to handle, as even slight tension could damage the material. What’s more, the outfeed machine is not equipped with a presser system, so it doesn’t clamp the material at all. This meant that the slightest tension would cause the material to slide through the machine, compromising the quality of the cycle. The customer was therefore looking for a solution to unwind this textile without subjecting it to any tension, while maintaining precise control over its tracking and alignment, and being able to fit different sizes of cardboard mandrels on the machine.


The solution chosen to meet this challenge was to use our standardised solution, the Pro Winder P/V. We chose to add the ‘loop’ option, which enabled tension-free unwinding. Firstly we tried to unwind with the dancing roll, the results were satisfying and the tension setting was precise enough not to deform the material. However, because the output machine does not block the material, we quickly decided not to use it. The solution used was therefore unwinding with the ‘loop’ option, which enabled the textile to be unwind without any internal constraints and prevented the material from sliding in the output machine.

We implemented our vision system on this unwinder to meet these alignment and material tracking requirements. Despite the fact that we were working with a loop, the vision system did its job very well and enabled us to unwind the material while automatically realigning it. The only constraint for the operators is that they have to load the material straight enough so that the realignment module doesn’t reach the end of its stroke (150 mm).

Finally, to meet the customer’s last requirement, which was to be able to unwind different sizes of mandrel, we supplied the machine with different diameters of standardized pneumatic bars, as well as a steel bar fitted with a clamping cone for specific diameters.


The solution we have implemented offers a number of significant advantages for the customer. By opting for our standardised solution, the Pro Winder P/V, equipped with the ‘loop’ option, this approach enabled smooth unwinding without any internal stress or sliding of the textile in the following machine.

The integration of our vision system was a major asset, as it responded effectively to the need for alignment and material tracking, even when working with the loop. This automation of realignment has greatly improved the efficiency of the unwinding process while reducing dependence on operators.

In terms of versatility, the supply of different diameters of standardized pneumatic bars and a steel bar fitted with a clamping cone for specific diameters fully met the customer’s requirement to unwind different sizes of mandrels.

Ultimately, this solution not only eliminated the risk of damage to the fragile textile, but also increased the overall efficiency of the handling process, boosting the productivity and quality of the customer’s finished products.