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Gluing systems

Our gluing systems are innovative machines designed to automate gluing operations and offer a high-quality, high-precision solution for your industrial processes.

Gluing robot
Automated trajectories
Pattern recognition

Precision, flexibility and optimization

Our gluing robots are equipped with teach-in gluing trajectory programming, offering great flexibility and unrivalled precision in the application of glue or adhesive. Both models can handle up to 4 guns or nozzles, allowing the use of two types of glue or a precision nozzle for contours and a spray system for filling surfaces.

Designed for versatility, they can be used in a wide range of sectors, such as furniture production, carton and packaging manufacturing, the automotive industry, the construction industry, and many others.

Wait no longer to automate your gluing processes and boost your productivity. Choose the gluing robot that best suits your needs and click on the specific description for more technical information.

machine d'encollage vision

Our gluing systems

Table d'encollage

Table-top gluing robot

Automate small-format gluing with precision

Ideal for small formats and prototypes
Up to two guns or nozzles
Graphic display
Remote maintenance access

machine d'encollage vision

Vision gluing system

Automated flexible gluing machine with vision

No programming
Flexible gluing cycles
Various loading/unloading modes
Management of multiple guns or nozzles
Gluing cabin