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Table-top gluing robot

Automate small-format gluing with precision

Ideal for small formats and prototypes
Up to two guns or nozzles
Graphic display
Remote maintenance access

Small formats

Ideal for small formats and prototypes: Small machine ideal for small formats and prototypes. The design and control system are identical to those of larger machines.

The gluing trajectory is programmed by teach-in: a laser pointer representing the center of the nozzle is moved by a joystick. The operator performs the trajectory on the part to be glued, and the points are automatically recorded in an editable table.

Up to 2 guns or nozzles can be managed by the machine, enabling two types of glue to be used, or a precision nozzle for contours and a spray system for filling surfaces.

Graphic display of the programmed trajectory to check coherence with the piece.

A USB and Ethernet port extend memory capacity and enable network connection for remote maintenance access.

Technical data

Work surface

800x600 mm

Working speed

300 mm/s


Brushless on 2 axes


Touch screen display

Power supply

230V 1Ph + N + T


USB Port / Ethernet

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