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Vision gluing robot

Automated flexible gluing machine with vision.

No programming
Flexible gluing cycles
Various loading/unloading modes
Management of multiple guns or nozzles
Gluing cabin


The result of many years’ experience and development, this machine automates gluing operations, eliminating all programming constraints. A powerful vision system coupled with integrated CAD-CAM software ensures automatic trajectory generation.

Several gluing cycles are available, including automatic surface filling, contour gluing and automatic placement of a DXF-defined trajectory.

Multiple loading/unloading modes are provided in the cycles:

Direct loading under the gluing area
Loading and unloading from one side of the conveyor with one operator
In-line operation: loading -> gluing -> unloading
Pendular operation with 2 operators

Up to 4 guns or nozzles can be managed by the machine, enabling two types of glue to be used, for example, or a precision nozzle for contours and a spray system for filling surfaces.

Gluing booth with extraction system and air curtains to avoid glue vapors in the workshop.

Technical data

Work surface

1000x600 mm (other on ask)

Working speed

1.5 m/s


Brushless sur 4 axes


Machine control software

Power supply

230V 1Ph + N + T


USB Port / Ethernet

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