Case study

Automatic cutter width 500 mm

Customer business sector: Automotive manufacturer

Automatic cutter for length cutting of heating elements


Our customer, a well-known European manufacturer of caravans and camping-cars, asked us to design a specialised machine for cutting heating element strips. This machine would have to meet strict specifications in terms of dimensions and mobility, as it would be installed in a production corridor. Ergonomic requirements are also essential to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.


  1. To design a machine for cutting resistance heating strips that meets the highest quality standards.
  2. To adapt the dimensions of the machine for optimum placement in a production aisle.
  3. To ensure the machine’s mobility by equipping it with castors while maintaining its stability during operation.
  4. Comply with ergonomic requirements to guarantee operator safety and comfort.


The solution proposed by CNM to meet the customer’s requirements consists of a single-product cutting machine, designed for a heating element strip cutting operation.


Braked Unwinder System:

The machine is equipped with a braked unwinder system, incorporating CNM brake bearings, to ensure smooth unwinding of the material.

Feeding unit :

A rubberised cork-coated fedding unit is used to guide the material in a precise and controlled way.
Single drive: A single drive is used, as the material to be cut is rigid, to optimise costs.
Cylinder Closing/Opening: The top roller of the machine is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder for closing and opening, making material loading and maintenance easier.

Length feeder:

The motor of the feeding unit is equipped with an encoder that allows us to manage lengths. The length of cut and the number of cuts required can be set on the HMI.

Pneumatic presser :

A pneumatic presser is used to hold the material in place during the cutting operation.

Cutting system:

Cutting is carried out using a rodless cylinder. The blade is attached directly to the ram, allowing the full stroke of the ram to be used effectively for cutting, while keeping production costs down and efficiency high.


In short, the solution designed by CNM guarantees precise and efficient cutting thanks to its innovative cutting mechanism, while keeping production costs under control. The simplicity inherent in this single-product design makes it an operator-friendly machine, reducing the need for training. Reliability and durability are key assets, thanks to the high-quality components that ensure stable long-term performance in demanding production environments. Finally, by adopting the CNM solution, our customer is assured of a significant improvement in the efficiency of its production, while maintaining superior quality, thereby strengthening its competitiveness in the marketplace.