Case study


Customer business sector: Transformation of insulating materials

Thermolaminating line


The customer of the machine is specialized in the transformation of insulating materials such as foam, polyurethane, heavy masses, and melamine foam, we developed an innovative solution.


Pinta Industrie, already using various machines for double-sided application and thermal bonding of different materials, needed a backup solution to complement their flat lamination machine (Meyer).


One of the challenges we faced was creating heating rollers at 250°C and managing stops during production. For this, we designed a motorized system to modify the length of contact of the material on the heated calender to control the coverage of the thermal adhesive material. This mechanism also allows completely removing the material from the roller during machine stops to prevent the  film for melting on the heated roller.


Additionally, we added a sensor at the entrance conveyor to properly space the plates at the input. The operator can load the plates without worrying about the space between them, as the sensor performs two crucial functions: adjusting the spacing between the plates and precisely positioning the cut between them.

This machine allowed our customer to efficiently combine heavy mass, adhesive, polyurethane foam or melamine, and an aluminum or PU coating, thus optimizing their production process.