Case study


Customer business sector: Farmhouse manufacturer

Tarpaulin pulling & cutting line


This machine was created as part of a project for the PVC tarpaulin sector.

Our client was looking to automate the process of handling tarpaulins, which had been entirely manual until then. Previously, two people had to pull the tarpaulin over a rotating storage carousel, perform measurements, cuts, and manually mark the position of eyelets and labels for each tarpaulin.


The aim was to reduce the strenuousness of the work by using an automated machine for longitudinal pulling, transverse and longitudinal cuts, and adding a printing function to mark the positions of eyelets or logos.


We opted for a standard solution with a calender and motorization of the cutting groups with fully automated management. Two trolleys equipped with inkjet printers were integrated on the same rail as the cutting knife, allowing for direct printing of logos and placement of eyelets on the tarpaulins.

The main challenge was in automation to be able to retrieve the client’s product code and automatically define the number of cuts required, the standard length, the width of the last cut, as well as the marking.

Now, the operator simply enters the product code into the machine, which then automatically calculates all the production requirements.

After fine-tuning, we managed to achieve precision under five millimeters for lengths of 17 meters.