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Machine PROLAM

Adhesives converters

Unwinding – Double sides laminating – Liner removal – Slitting – Rewinding

Ideal for adhesives converters
Application of thin-width adhesives on edges


The machine configuration includes several process step, such as unwinding, double-sided laminating, liner removal, slitting and rewinding.

Thanks to a precise, controlled unwinding system, adhesives are fed evenly and stably to the laminating section.

During the laminating stage, adhesive is applied to both sides of a support via a calender. Two unwinders, one at the top and one at the bottom, unwind the rolls of adhesive under tension control, while a rewinder removes a liner at the calender exit.

Slitting is used to cut adhesives into strips or specific dimensions, adapted to customer requirements. This step is essential to obtain finished products with precise dimensions and to meet the requirements of different types of application. If necessary, another winder allow to rewind the remaining skeleton.

Finally, the rewinding section guarantees controlled and precise winding of the finished products, ensuring consistent quality and ease of use for customers.
Thin-width adhesives can also be applied during the process.

complexage d'adhésifs

The others configurations

Machine de lamination, complexage, adhésivage et de découpe au format capable de travailler en plaque et rouleaux

Foams converters

Unwinding /Input conveyor – Laminating – Slitting – Rewinding / Output talble

Ideal for foams converters
Automatic plate stepping

Ligne de converting pour les transformateurs de caoutchouc avec déroulage, complexage, coupe au format et convoyage

Rubbers converters

Unwinder – Laminating – Cross cutting – Output conveyor

Ideal for rubber converters
No stress on pieces at line exit


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