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converting Lines

Vision system module

Edge tracking & Automatic realignment
Defect detection

Our vision system is developed internally from A to Z, from the PLC to the camera.
This system offers unequalled precision in process management and line automation.

Several functionalities are available to suit your needs.

Available on all our machines!

Interface de notre système de vision

Operating modes

Edges tracker

Our camera is powerful enough to detect an edge through a liner (composites)

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In addition, a backlighting system makes the position of the liner optional and allows you to rely directly on the fiber.

Automatic realignment

Instant re-alignment by moving the unwinding module

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Automatic realignment is achieved by a ballscrew (100 mm travel) with a brushless motor directly mounted on it. The ballscrew moves the entire unwinding module, thanks to the brushless motor, the movement is instantaneous, enabling immediate correction of the position.

Irregular edges

Material edge detection is performed by point averaging, which is very effective on materials with irregular edges (textiles, composites, foams).

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In fact, the correction is made by taking into account a wider zone, thus avoiding untimely displacements and smoothing out corrections for smoother working.

Change of references

Thanks to an intuitive system, the origin / reference can be easily modified during the process.

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In fact, you can use the HMI to move your desired reference, and the system will instantly adopt the new reference, without affecting your production.

Defect detection

The fault zone is analyzed by the camera, and this information can be relayed to eliminate the fault zone. It is possible to integrate a stop at a precise length for faulty zones without interrupting the cycle.

Labels detection

The PLC designed by CNM Process is capable of detecting different colors and associating directives with each of them (stop, cut, feedback, etc.).

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