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Ideal solution for frequent roll changes

Quick and easy changing of rolls
Effortless loading and unloading
Unwinding rolls without cores

Easy to use

Our roll and reel tipper is designed to meet heavy-duty handling requirements. This roll tipper facilitates the unwinding of rolls, with or without a mandrel, adapting to a wide variety of industrial applications. It allow to work in both motorised and non-motorised unwinding mode, this economical roll tipper is perfect for environments where roll changes are frequent.

This roll tipper ensures easy loading and unloading, considerably reducing the physical workload on operators.

This roll tipper is therefore not only an ergonomic solution for minimising operator effort, but also an effective way of optimising handling times.

By choosing our reel and roll tipper, you are opting for an innovative handling solution that guarantees both efficiency and safety in the handling of your reels and rolls.

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