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T 1750 E LFT – T 1000 E LFT

Ideal solution for heavy roll

Automatic loading into the machine
Ideal for compact & heavy rolls
Fully automatic log slitter

This machine is available in several sizes. The technical data given correspond to the maximum size.

Automatic log-slitter with loading device for heavy roll

This machine makes it possible to work with very heavy rolls while facilitating the operator’s work. Once the roll has been loaded onto the roll holder, the operator no longer has to make any effort.

The machine can work with rolls of foam (PVC and polyurethane), laminates with or without adhesives, rubber, plastic films, materials for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, glass and carbon fibers, roofing materials, and more…

For loading, once the roll has been placed on the roll holder , the operator manually slides the roll holder into the correct position. To bring the roll to axle height, simply press a button and then manually slide the roll into its final position.

Access to the machine is ensured by automatic pneumatic opening of the front door and a safety switch to prevent it from falling out.

Once the roll is loaded onto the expander bar, a double lock is applied to the cardboard core and to the outer surface of the roll, with an adjustable mechanical stop to prevent excessive pressure from the grippers when the roll is soft.

The machine is completely closed during the working cycle, ensuring optimum operator safety. Lighting is integrated to ensure good visibility of the production cycle.

The machine is managed by numerical controls on a HMI. The machine is fully automatic, with management of blade carriage positions (cutting, initial position, etc.), management of different cutting widths, automatic cutting, blade inclination management, blade penetration speed management, automatic blade sharpening, sharpening time management, automatic blade lubrification and cooling (adjustable frequency), automatic blade cleaning, roll rotation direction management, etc.

A recipe function is available to facilitate production changes.

Our service guarantees fast, efficient delivery of spare parts and consumables (blades and grinding wheels) for all our equipment. Our team is able to offer telephone assistance in the main European languages. Remote access is also available for updates and servicing.

Technical data

Rolls Ø max

700 mm

Rolls max. weight

200 kg

Rolls max. width

2000 mm

Rolls max. speed

450 RPM

Blade diameter

600 / 700 / 800 mm

Blade max. speed

700 RPM

Blade positioning accuracy

+- 0.01 mm

Shaft diameter

76 mm

Electrical data

7 Kw 400 V 50 Hz 3-phase

Compressed air

6 bars

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