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Converting lines

Module: Input - Output Conveyor

Retractable system
Auto stepping
All types of materials

This system makes it easy to supply the machine with sheets or rolls (cradle feeder). The conveyor can be retracted, allowing easy access to the upper and lower unwinders, as well as material loading without physical constraints.

A sheet positioning sensor enables automated, precise and reliable positioning. This eliminates potential human error and ensures perfect plate alignment, which is essential for high-quality production results.

In addition, a laser sensor facilitates the plate positioning process, reducing the time required to perform this task. Automated plate alignment enables fast, efficient positioning, which translates into increased overall productivity. 

A loop control mode enables tension-free supply of elastic materials. A loop can be created during the cycle by overspeeding the conveyor. A distance sensor determines the height of the loop, and the conveyor speed adapts to maintain it at the target height. This enables the calendering process to be carried out without any tension in the material, and avoids material deformation after calendering.


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