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CoNverting lines


EcoLam versatility and simplicity


EcoLam, a simple, effective solution

This machine is a simplified version of its big sister, the Prolam, and is designed to provide an efficient, affordable laminating solution while maintaining high quality results.

The machine is modular. Agile production changes are made possible by recipes recording.  The work area is protected by mechanical covers, a reliable and economical solution.

7″ touchscreen display for complete cycle control, with dynamic graphic interface showing the process:

  • Working speed
  • Winder/unwinder management
  • Length management
Machine économique de complexage/lamination/adhésivage

Available modules

Unwinder - Rewinder
Tension control

Constant tension
Ease of use
Rigid materials

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Torque-controlled unwinding with theoretical diameter calculation (from 30N to 400N): A measuring sensor determines the coil diameter, and the motor adjusts its force accordingly.

A minimum tension alert detects material end/breakage and stops the machine at the right moment.

Unwinder - Rewinder
Mechanically braked

Mechanically adjusted tension
Ease of use
Very economical

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Unwinding with PEHD brake maintains a fixed tension in the material during unwinding by applying a friction resistance adjustable by means of a knurled wheel. This solution is highly economical and effective on all rigid, regular materials.

Input - Output

Working with plates
Fast locking

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On input, it facilitates plate feeding to the machine, and on output, sorting, inspection or packaging of parts, while remaining a cost-effective solution.

A clamp lock offers a practical solution for adjusting or moving the table according to production needs. This ease of use saves valuable time, avoiding complex or time-consuming locking procedures.

Different types of cladding are available to suit your needs.


Hot calender
Mechanical protection
Adjustable stops

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This module, which represents the heart of our know-how, enables us to obtain finished products of exceptional quality, meeting the exacting demands of our customers. This translates into shorter production cycles, increased production capacity and reduced downtime.

Numerous control parameters are available, depending on the elasticity, thickness and resistance of the material to be laminated. For specific applications or thermobonding, we have developed our own heated calender system.

The calender is equipped with dual servo motors for flexible cycle management. Simple material passage at the start of a production, thanks to calender opening/closing by pneumatic cylinders. Independent management of right/left stops by ball screw, depending on the thickness of your material

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