CNM Process or the choice of excellence!

CNM Process activities are divided into several complementary poles around the trades of cutting, winding / unwinding, gluing and process automation.
From the study of the need, our objective is to propose to our customers the best adapted solution from a technological, strategic and economic point of view.

Our values


Our forward-looking vision makes our innovations the driving force behind your development.

«Imagination is more important than knowledge»
A. Einstein


The culture of work well done is present at all levels of the company by requiring rigor and method in the execution.
We aim for the achievement of set objectives, a sense of results and efficiency.


As much towards its customers, suppliers and partners as towards its collaborators, CNM Process wishes to develop a climate that favors understanding, respect of the given word, loyalty.


We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit where everyone can implement their ideas with a view to progress and innovation.

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